Perata Is Snatching Up Reporters


Lynda Gledhill, a longtime Sacramento bureau reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle is leaving the newspaper to join the communications staff of state Senate President Don Perata. Last year, Perata also hired Andrew LeMar, a capitol bureau reporter for the Contra Costa Times and the San Jose Mercury News. Gledhill will be working alongside LeMar, who is now Perata’s director of communications. Gledhill said her main function will be “writing op-ed pieces and speeches” for the state’s second most powerful politician. “I’ve been at the Chronicle for eight years,” she said. “This will be an interesting opportunity.”

Neither LeMar nor Gledhill, however, will field news calls concerning Perata’s legal defense, stemming from the two-year FBI probe of him. That job will continued to be filled by Jason Kinney, a Sacramento consultant that Perata hired to specifically deal with the issue. Alicia Trost, meanwhile, will continue to be the senator’s primary spokesperson.

Gledhill said one of the main reasons she is leaving the Chron is that she has a young child at home and she said she believes the Perata job will be “a little more family-friendly.” She joins Perata’s staff on February 5.

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