On the Road with Victory and Associates, Part 7: Austin, TX (SXSW)


03/16/2012 Austin, TX, Sidebar

My heart raced as I sprinted through the streets of Austin, TX. Dodging leisurely SXSWers, locals and cops alike, it was literally five minutes before we were supposed to play the label showcase this tour was built around. And we were not only late, but I had to park our tour van in the middle of one of the biggest parking boondoggles of the year. Fantastic! With this accomplished, I dashed through the doors of the Sidebar, and leaped on to the stage. My guitar was already set up and plugged in by my bandmate Evan. Magic time:“Hi We’re Victory and Associates from Oakland and San Francisco, California. This is our first song. It is literally about the idea of a good time and it’s called Plausibly Wild.”

Switch on, suckers.

  • Mike White
  • Testify!
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