On the Road with Victory and Associates, Part 1: Berkeley

Your narrator at work

My name is Conan Neutron and I play in the Oakland/San Francisco rock band/crack team of smartasses Victory and Associates. We’ve been honored to write a tour blog for our favorite local weekly. What follows will be a day-by-day accounting of our trip to South by Southwest.

There are other stories, but this one is ours.

03/11/2012 — Berkeley, CA — Starry Plough
Hometown kickoff show! (How hometown? Try a block away from where half the band lives. I love the Starry Plough. People don’t understand that it is a good venue for loud rock bands. V&A loves you, Starry Plough!)

  • Your narrator at work

At load-in there’s a fellow in a multicolored patched jacket that could clearly be a leading candidate for the “How Berkeley Can You Be’ contest. Me? I just wish he could be a zany character in a place that would not involve blocking the entrance we need to load in. I get it Mr. Squibbles, you’re local color — now can you please move about two feet to the right?