Oh, that kind of geek


After feds searched his DeVry University dorm room in Fremont last month and seized his computer, Chad Holste was indicted with possessing and transporting what the US Department of Justice calls “visual depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct” and “sexually explicit images of babies and toddlers.” An Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent filed affidavits alleging that nineteen-year-old Holste “used the ‘Google Hello’ file sharing program to transport approximately 90 images of child pornography … to an undercover special agent in Seattle.”

On his Flixster profile, Holste declares: “I’m a geek, I like geeky things.” The day before his arrest, the chunky anime fan last logged onto his MySpace page, on which he calls himself “Chad you looking at me?” – and on which he lists jewelry-making and gunsmithing as his hobbies. On his MySpace blog, the scholarship recipient muses: “Gunfire speaks the loudest. There comes a time when the tyranny of government becomes intolerable.” And now he’s in government hands, awaiting a March 5 court date: “A single shot can change the world. Would you pull the trigger?” Last year, a MySpace friend urged him to “have a great time in Thailand.” — Anneli Rufus