Oakland Compilation CD Release Party at the Uptown Friday


Beatbeat Whisper’s Davyd Nereo has put together a compilation CD of fifteen Oakland bands and solo artists called Our Last Bastion of Home. Featuring artists such Ash Reiter, The Blank Tapes, Belly of the Whale, Jen Weisberg, Mark Deutsch, Lavendirt, Pine, Quinn Deveaux, Roberto Miguel, Soft Shells, Ayla Nereo, Zach Houston, and more, the album was the second such compilation that Nereo has put out (the first was in 2008 and included Ash Reiter, Quinn Deveaux, Alana Paoli (Songs For Moms), Yes, Please (Lily of Grass Widow), All My Pretty Ones, and others). Other local comps have been organized by Matt Adams, Greg Ashley, and others, plus “there are more in the pipeline,” says Nereo. “There are also cool comps from Portland (TLE and others), Santa Cruz, Sonoma County. I think it’s a thing like mixtapes that’s been made easier through the Internet and other digital means.”