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Oakland votes on contested budget

Keith Burbank reports on the Oakland City Council's controversial budget vote.“The budget passed today by the Oakland City Council makes bold investments to reimagine public safety through violence prevention and non-police strategies that I strongly support,” Mayor Schaaf said in a statement. “Unfortunately, it also cuts 50 police officers who respond to Oaklanders’ 911 calls and enforce traffic safety.”

The East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative reimagines ownership...

Lou Fancher covers The East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative. "The critical part of wealth building in resource-starved communities is permanence," said Noni Sessions. "That’s the concept that EB PREC is advancing: acting as the first entity to create access to the land inter-generationally and protect it in permanence.".

Cannabis legalization more popular than ever despite roadblocks

In his week's 'Chronic Town" Dan Mitchell reports that even though the sentiment for cannabis legalization is more popular than ever, there still remains those who resist the move, and prohibitionists are ready for a long fight.

Shooting at Lake Merritt

Eli Walsh reports on the shooting that left one dead and seven injured at Lake Merritt over the last weekend. Contrary to earlier reports, Walsh notes that Oakland Police have uncovered a pattern: “This is not the first San Francisco–related group-and-gang shooting we’ve seen in the city of Oakland,” they said. “This is a problem we’ve been trying to manage for the last several months.”

Comedy Comeback

In this week's Feature, Janis Hashe celebrates the return of live comedy shows to the East Bay with a round-up of places that are reopening to put mirth back in business.

Box Store Buds

In this week's 'Chronic Town' Dan Mitchell investigates Amazon's perplexing interest in cannabis legalization and the MORE Act. Is Amazon trying to be the 'Amazon of weed'?

Oakland’s Poet Laureate

Keith Burbank and D. Scot Miller report on Oakland's first Poet Laureate, Ayodele Nzinga, founding producer and director of the West Oakland theater company Lower Bottom Playaz, established in 1999.

Pandemic Tourism

Eli Walsh reports on California's 'Golden State Getaways' where vaccinated Californians are eligible for much-needed free vacations. In addition to multi-night hotel stays and dining and entertainment options, each vacation package also comes with a $2,000 cash prize that can be used for expenses during the vacation.

Green Is a Process

In this week's cover story, Janis Hashe explores the innovative ways the East Bay has found in imprinting and maintaining a green footprint, from free solar panels to food sustainability.

Vexing Vapors

In this week's 'Chronic Town', Dan Mitchell points out that current vaping devices on the market are not as safe as some have assessed, and that it’s best to wait for regulation to catch up before committing to them.

Class Act

Diana Lambert reports that currently California’s teacher candidates are required to take up to six tests to earn a credential, depending on what they plan to teach. New proposed legislation may remove a few of these road-blocks on the path towards working in a classroom.

Whole Lotta Makin’ Goin’ On

In this week's cover story, Janis Hashe runs down the fun, funky, and practical crafts of the East Bay's top artisans, providing a list of some of the most innovative and useful items human hands can create.

Free at Last

In this week's 'Chronic Town' Dan Mitchell looks into Amazon's announcement that it would cease pre-employment drug testing for all positions not covered by federal Department of Transportation regulations, and what that means to drug-testing for employment overall. Some good news may be on the way!

Making Progress

Eli Walsh breaks down the latest inroads and set-backs in California's fight against the virus. There's both hope and caution in what he found.

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