Poll Backs A’s Housing: Oakland Power Poll respondents also...

"Just three months ago, 62% of respondents agreed with the position that 'the A’s seem to be negotiating in good faith,'" writes Stephen Buel. "Now, in the wake of several fatalistic proclamations from team President Dave Kaval, 59% believe the team needs to “compromise and stop being so unilateral.” More than one in five of our respondents had a change of heart in just a few months."

Facing ‘The Homeless’: Stories from the street belie stereotypes

"The truth?" Writes Janis Hashe, "There is no such thing as nameless, faceless 'The Homeless.' Each person couch surfing, or living in a car, an RV, a tent or an encampment on the street, has a unique story of how they got there. And all those stories are profoundly human."

Coping With Covid … Still: Though there are signs...

“Too many people have chosen to live with this virus,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday during a briefing in Oakland to announce the new requirements. “We’re at a point in this pandemic where [an] individual’s choice not to get vaccinated is now impacting the rest of us in a profound and devastating and deadly way.”

Oakland Power Poll: Exploring a new type of civic...

Stephen Buel introduces East Bay Express's latest column with analysis of a Power Poll survey about the public perception of the Oakland Police. Some of the findings are quite surprising.

Hoop Dreams: Support solidifies for an Oakland WNBA team

Ray Bobbitt, AASEG spokesperson and key executive, said the group made contact with the WNBA several months ago, sending them a bid that noted the 'void' in "Oakland’s professional sports profile, the compatible demographics, the accessibility of the site and the fact that the arena has been well maintained," reports Janis Hashe. "If everything falls into place perfectly, the goal would be to have a team playing next year."

Within Reach: Flexible Hybrid Electronics take wearable technology to...

"Known in the biotech industry as Flexible Hybrid Electronics, the wearable devices that wrap around human limbs like cloth are expanding beyond medical use to include consumer, industrial, military, agricultural, environmental and aviation applications. In 2019, the FHE market was valued at $95 million, according to some experts. Market research reports forecast FHE valuation will increase to $231 million by 2025," Lou Fancher writes.

Taylor Swiftian: Alameda County Sheriff’s attempt to silence protest...

Alameda County Sheriff D. Shelby played copyrighted music by Taylor Swift while he was being filmed, in an attempt to keep the video from being published online. It didn't go as he'd planned.

Oakland votes on contested budget

Keith Burbank reports on the Oakland City Council's controversial budget vote.“The budget passed today by the Oakland City Council makes bold investments to reimagine public safety through violence prevention and non-police strategies that I strongly support,” Mayor Schaaf said in a statement. “Unfortunately, it also cuts 50 police officers who respond to Oaklanders’ 911 calls and enforce traffic safety.”

Oakland’s Poet Laureate

Keith Burbank and D. Scot Miller report on Oakland's first Poet Laureate, Ayodele Nzinga, founding producer and director of the West Oakland theater company Lower Bottom Playaz, established in 1999.

Pandemic Tourism

Eli Walsh reports on California's 'Golden State Getaways' where vaccinated Californians are eligible for much-needed free vacations. In addition to multi-night hotel stays and dining and entertainment options, each vacation package also comes with a $2,000 cash prize that can be used for expenses during the vacation.

Class Act

Diana Lambert reports that currently California’s teacher candidates are required to take up to six tests to earn a credential, depending on what they plan to teach. New proposed legislation may remove a few of these road-blocks on the path towards working in a classroom.

Making Progress

Eli Walsh breaks down the latest inroads and set-backs in California's fight against the virus. There's both hope and caution in what he found.

San Jose’s VTA Killer Carried Three Semi-Automatic Handguns and...

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office detectives said transit worker Samuel Cassidy was armed with...

East Bay Express Wins California Journalism Award

Considered the state’s leading journalism contest, the CJA’s called D. Scot Miller and Steven Tavares' 'Dark Night of the Stole'"Very strong narrative writing and sophisticated analysis of events that went far beyond a simple recounting of the unrest to delve into what and who was behind it."

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