Talking the Talk

Cal linguistics professor John McWhorter has become a darling of the right, installed on national talk shows and courted by Clarence Thomas. What's a good liberal doing in a place like this?


The inside story of the nation's second oldest gay bar, Berkeley's White Horse Inn.

Grappling With Tradition

As they practice the ancient art of jujitusu, thousands of students throughout 21st century America are at the end of a surprisingly short trail leading back to feudal Japan. It's a trail that leads directly through postwar Oakland.

Madam Middle

Ellen Tauscher represents eastern Alameda County and most of Contra Costa County in the United States Congress. Does she also represent the future of the Democratic Party? A growing number of people seem to think so.

The Great Oakland Panda Hunt

The search for increased international trade sometimes leads city officials into very exotic places--China's Wolong Giant Panda Preserve, for instance

The Last Mile

When the Internet grocer Webvan opened a distribution center in East Oakland, it seemed that some of the area's e-commerce riches were beginning to trickle down to street level. Now, employees wonder if the salad days are over.

All Bets Are Off

Though its prime bayfront location has attracted developers, the citizens of Albany have successfully fought to preserve the pastoral precincts of Golden Gate Fields. But now large-scale development may be coming down the backstretch.

Trail of Toxins

Native Americans now can reclaim their sacred objects from universities and museums. But these objects may be deadly.

Paper Tiger

Libraries around the country may be discarding books and newsprint at an alarming rate, but Bill Sturm's Oakland History Room remains a proud exception.

Sibling Rivalry

The Revolution Begins at Home

Class Struggle

Did the 3,700 Oakland schoolteachers who are members of the Oakland Education Association know that their union was targeted for takeover by a cadre of sectarian extremists? Or are they just too exhausted to care?

Quest for Contact

Jill Tarter has spent most of her life pursuing the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Now, nourished by a new wave of funding from high-tech philanthropists, she and her colleagues are listening harder than ever.

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