Playing God

Albert Ghiorso and his colleagues at Lawrence Berkeley national laboratory have been constructing new elements since 1948. They've had many spectacular successes—and helped give birth to the nuclear age. Occasionally, however, things don't work out as wel

Hang on, and play ball!

Baseball in an age of anxiety

The Harbinger Seals of San Francisco Bay

What will it mean if Harbinger seals disappear from the bay?

Lights, Camera, Oakland

Film Commissioner Ami Zins makes sure that for visiting filmmakers, Oakland is set

The Unsolved Mysteries of Judi Bari

For more than a decade, the investigation into the car bombing of environmental activist Judi Bari has been the East Bay's most compelling whodunit. Now the entire tangled case is going to court.

The Enforcer

If Jerry Brown is Oakland's pitchman and Don Perata its banker, city manager Robert Bobb is the guy who closes the deal.

Heartbreak Hotel

How a group of social service providers took over a drug-infested West Berkeley SRO, invested millions of dollars and thousands of hours -- and accomplished almost nothing

Die Hard

Sears has made its fortune by selling everyday things to everyday people. Maybe that's why it's Oakland's only surviving department store

Community under Construction

The Triumphs and Trials of the cohousing movement

The Burden of Defense

Surviving a rookie year in the Alameda County criminal courts.

Strange Brew

Will there ever be a cure for alcoholism? And why is wine tycoon Ernest Gallo spending millions trying to find out?

“You Can’t Change the Streets”

Stopping gang violence is harder than just saying you want to

Battling the Box

IKEA and the future of East Bay retail

Failure to Cope

An explosion of diagnosed autism in school-aged children and a flood of parent-initiated lawsuits have left many local school districts reeling, and there's no solution in sight.

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