Flame and Fortune: It’s trees vs. fire in an...

"Trees provide shade during heat waves, sequester CO2, filter groundwater and have shown to reverse desertification in Burkina Faso. Yet approaching the 30th Anniversary of the Tunnel fire—that’s the state’s name of the 1991 Oakland and Berkeley Hills fire—many trees, to some survivors, are the adversary," writes AJ Fish in this illuminating news feature.

Culture Takes the Lake: Lakeshore bustles back thanks in...

"The resurgence of Black-owned small businesses in Grand Lake might seem like an aberration or a triumph, depending on perspective," writes Eric K. Arnold for this week's Feature, "It’s actually a testament to cultural resilience."

Best Foot Forward: Renegade Running fosters community

Sasha Weilbaker reports on Renegade Running,which opened its retail location on Grand Avenue in June of last year, and describes itself as both a running store and a running community that “strives to make running an inclusive experience for all across race, gender, and physical ability.”.

The East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative reimagines ownership...

Lou Fancher covers The East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative. "The critical part of wealth building in resource-starved communities is permanence," said Noni Sessions. "That’s the concept that EB PREC is advancing: acting as the first entity to create access to the land inter-generationally and protect it in permanence.".

Comedy Comeback

In this week's Feature, Janis Hashe celebrates the return of live comedy shows to the East Bay with a round-up of places that are reopening to put mirth back in business.

Green Is a Process

In this week's cover story, Janis Hashe explores the innovative ways the East Bay has found in imprinting and maintaining a green footprint, from free solar panels to food sustainability.

Whole Lotta Makin’ Goin’ On

In this week's cover story, Janis Hashe runs down the fun, funky, and practical crafts of the East Bay's top artisans, providing a list of some of the most innovative and useful items human hands can create.

Oiling a Fascist Coup

Janis Hashe covers the upcoming protests in Richmond and San Ramon that will focus on Chevron’s involvement in Myanmar. ‘The oil and gas industry is partnering with the junta,’ said Nyunt Than, president of the Burmese American Democratic Alliance.

Unspoken History

Veteran journalist Eric K. Arnold delves into the deep, and incredibly influential history of the Black Futurist Collective. An underground Oakland movement that preceded much of the mainstream Afrofuturism seen today.

New Sheriffs in Town?

Janis Hashe reports on two heated races for sheriff in Alameda and Contra Costa County, the outcomes of which could change California history forever.

Stay Trippin’

Black speculative writer, Ayize Jama-Everett, best known for his Liminal Wars Trilogy, premiers with the East Bay Express with an article about the Oakland Hyphae Psilocybin Cup, which not only dredges up memories of Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception and the questionable authenticity of Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan, but makes us even more excited and engaged with our special issue on Afrofuturism, slated for May 12th.

Quarantine Pay

Alameda County, California, home to more than 1 million residents and the city of Oakland, is hoping to flatten the curve with innovative, and cautiously optimistic, plans for vaccines and re-opening. This summer the county announced a pilot program to pay residents who are Covid-positive to self-isolate.

Whose Richmond?

Janis Hashe covers the continuing struggle of nature preservation in and around Point Molate

Defunding Fear

“It’s incredibly important timing because we have a national call and awakening around safety and justice,” says Zach Norris, speaking on his book "Defund Fear".
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