Vexing Vapors

In this week's 'Chronic Town', Dan Mitchell points out that current vaping devices on the market are not as safe as some have assessed, and that it’s best to wait for regulation to catch up before committing to them.

Free at Last

In this week's 'Chronic Town' Dan Mitchell looks into Amazon's announcement that it would cease pre-employment drug testing for all positions not covered by federal Department of Transportation regulations, and what that means to drug-testing for employment overall. Some good news may be on the way!

In the Weeds

In this week's 'Chronic Town', Dan Mitchell looks at the hard numbers on weed's social impact, and his findings are "Meh.".

Feel Happy

In this week's Chronic Town, Dan Mitchell shares the good news that cannabis sales actually went up during the pandemic, spreading euphoria during a bleak and dark time in history.

Name Check

In this week's Chronic Town Dan Mitchell delves into the zany and litigious world of cannabis companies stealing from candy makers and confectioners only to pay a heavy price down the road. Taste the lawsuit!

High Jump

Peer-reviewed studies finally bust the ‘lazy-stoner’ stereotype The “stoner” stereotype might be best represented by...

Festive Flower

In this week's Chronic Town, Dan Mitchell chronicles the weed debate on the Senate floor, and is optimistic about legalization with a caveat, saying it "will happen only if one of two fairly unlikely things comes to be: If the Senate filibuster is lifted, or if enough Republicans are drafted into the pro-legalization column."


In this week's Chronic Town, Dan Mitchell explores the facts and fictions of cannabis "addiction" from both sides of the discussion.

Pot of Gold

Most 4/20 marketing is cheesy, but some use the day for good It’s difficult to...

Best of Cannabis 2021

Best Cannabis for Fiddling Around Nobody knows the world of the cannabis dispensary better than...

Spliff Film Fest

Movies by stoners, for stoners In the spirit of marijuana, the munchies and more, two...

Up In Smoke

Cannabis regulation could be blindsided by its most difficult health questions Romanticizing cannabis culture and...

Got the Vapors

Vaping injuries dip but safety is still a question After the vaping-illness outbreak that began...

Strained Law

Dan Mitchell explains how marijuana makes it across state lines in this week's Chronic Town.
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