CBD vs. FDA: Until there’s regulation, Californians should obtain...

CBD is known to have some curative properties, such as relieving certain kinds of seizures. That’s really its only fully proven medicinal use, but there are strong indications it can relieve a number of other ailments, such as pain, insomnia and anxiety. Researchers are finally delving into CBD, now that it’s fully legal to do so, but it will be some years before we know the full range of its benefits and—perhaps—its dangers. Until then, it’s the Wild West.

Crappy Vape Pens: The vape market is a particularly...

More than 2,700 people were hospitalized in the United States, and 60 people died from an illness dubbed EVALI—E-cigarette or Vaping Use-Associated Lung Injury—by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The precise cause hasn’t been confirmed, but the outbreak was almost certainly caused by shoddy production, most likely due at least in part to the use of vitamin E acetate in the oil.

Notorious CBD: With Governor Newsom’s signature, the CBD market...

CBD stands for “cannabidiol,” a component of the cannabis plant that doesn’t cause a high, but is sold as a curative for a range of maladies. THC is the part of the cannabis plant that causes a high, but there is very little of it in hemp: Since adult-use cannabis was legalized in California in 2016, sales of legal, THC-laden weed have taken off, while, oddly, sales of hemp-derived CBD have remained technically illegal. Until now, the only fully legal way to obtain CBD was through a licensed dispensary that sold CBD derived from plants containing THC, not from hemp.

Puff Puff Pass: Democrats eye the SAFE Banking Act...

“All the pain that’s been suffered by so many people for so long will not be alleviated because banks can now do some funding of the growing and processing of marijuana,” Schumer added. “If you let just the banking provisions pass, it’ll make it much harder to get more Republicans and more conservatives on the bill.”

Gray Market Ganja: Some fully permitted cannabis growers continue...

The “black market” is actually a few different markets. As was the case before adult-use legalization, it includes not only straight-up criminals, but also small-time operators who, assessed individually, are relatively harmless—though as a group, they are certainly part of the problem. The burner-license people fall into the “straight-up criminals” category.

Shroom Boom: Moves to decriminalize some hallucinogens have spurred...

The tide seems to be turning, largely, as it did with cannabis, but it’s not just “conservatism” that makes policymakers hesitant. Many are concerned about the powerful psychoactive effects of psychedelics, which can go far beyond those of cannabis. Use too much cannabis, and you might be in for an unpleasant few hours. Use psychedelics unwisely and you might end up in the psych ward.

High and Dry: Cannabis had its best quarter yet,...

"Since the beginning of 2018, when pot sales began, state taxes on cannabis sales have generated $2.8 billion in revenue for the state, on total taxable sales of $11.7 billion. In the second quarter of this year (June through August) $333 million in tax revenue flowed from $1.4 billion in taxable sales. That marks the industry’s best quarter yet."

Hyper-Careful: Illicitly grown cannabis is definitely making its way...

"Hard numbers are hard to come by in this still-nascent business, but California might be producing more than twice as much legal weed as can be sold, according to the Humboldt County Growers Alliance and other sources. Other sources say it’s far more than that."

Taxing THC: Federal legalization of cannabis could make costs...

High prices and lack of availability in many areas of the state have resulted in legal pot taking only about a fifth of the total market. The vast majority of weed sold in California is sold illegally, thanks to high taxes, overregulation and home rule, which allows localities to deny licenses to cannabis businesses.

CBD DOA: The Food and Drug Administration declines approving...

"In its statement, the FDA noted that it had in 2018 approved Epidiolex for sale as a prescription pharmaceutical drug for the treatment of certain kinds of seizures. That marked the first time the federal government approved of a cannabis-derived remedy for sale, but it also meant that the regulator couldn’t then approve similar products for sale as dietary supplements."

Just Vote ‘No’: What a recall would mean for...

"The California chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws has issued an emphatic statement: 'It’s unlikely that any possible replacement candidate will be as favorably attentive to cannabis policy as Governor Newsom,' the statement begins. “For that reason, California NORML recommends voting NO on the gubernatorial recall and encourages cannabis supporters to make sure you are registered to vote, and to vote against the recall in the election.'"

Dope on the Table: Federal legalization of cannabis would...

"U.S. Rep. Mike Garcia, who represents a mostly rural and suburban area north of Los Angeles, used one such recent bust to make political hay. In an op-ed published by the Fox News website, Garcia included 'dope on the table' photos and characterized the black market as being a problem caused by 'Democrats'—which, in a way, it is, just not in the way he means it." Dan Mitchell explains in this week's 'Chronic Town'.

Not So Fast: Republicans are for and against cannabis

"U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, Republican of Montana, has introduced a bill that would ban people from using federal assistance payments to buy cannabis. He happens to also be the GOP’s lead sponsor of the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act, which would allow banks to do business with cannabis companies without fear of legal liability, since weed is still illegal at the federal level." Dan Mitchell examines this walking contradiction in this week's 'Chronic Town'.

They’s Agin’ It: Federal Cannabis legalization is possible, even...

In this week's 'Chronic Town' Dan Mitchell explores the benefits of federal legalization of cannabis, writing, "Revenue from the weed tax would go toward an office at the Justice Department for job training, and legal aid for cannabis convictions to be expunged," but also exploring the many obstacles along the way, especially the Republican-controlled Congress.
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