Dope on the Table: Federal legalization of cannabis would...

"U.S. Rep. Mike Garcia, who represents a mostly rural and suburban area north of Los Angeles, used one such recent bust to make political hay. In an op-ed published by the Fox News website, Garcia included 'dope on the table' photos and characterized the black market as being a problem caused by 'Democrats'—which, in a way, it is, just not in the way he means it." Dan Mitchell explains in this week's 'Chronic Town'.

Not So Fast: Republicans are for and against cannabis

"U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, Republican of Montana, has introduced a bill that would ban people from using federal assistance payments to buy cannabis. He happens to also be the GOP’s lead sponsor of the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act, which would allow banks to do business with cannabis companies without fear of legal liability, since weed is still illegal at the federal level." Dan Mitchell examines this walking contradiction in this week's 'Chronic Town'.

They’s Agin’ It: Federal Cannabis legalization is possible, even...

In this week's 'Chronic Town' Dan Mitchell explores the benefits of federal legalization of cannabis, writing, "Revenue from the weed tax would go toward an office at the Justice Department for job training, and legal aid for cannabis convictions to be expunged," but also exploring the many obstacles along the way, especially the Republican-controlled Congress.

Weed Warrior: NORML-founder Keith Stroup claims victory in Reagan’s...

"Up until just a few years before Oregon and Colorado legalized, the consensus was that full legalization was still a far-off dream. But then states started falling like dominoes. What changed?" Dan Mitchell asks NORML founder Keith Stroup in this week's 'Chronic Town' "Stroup said it was simple demographics. 'The real reefer maniacs have died or retired,' he said, referring to scare propaganda like the 1936 film 'Reefer Madness'."

Labeling Laments: Packaging and label regulations are a major...

"In January, all cannabis products came under Prop. 65, which requires companies to add warnings to products containing any one of about 1,000 chemicals the state has determined might cause reproductive harm," reports Dan Mitchell in this week's "Chronic Town', "The section of the law that covers packaging is long, and such a morass that it can’t be succinctly described. Hence the need for lawyers."

Uncertain Future: Will cannabis still be essential post-pandemic?

"One of the industry’s biggest problems is that the vast majority of legal pot companies have provisional (essential service) licenses that are set to expire next year," writes Dan Mitchell in this week's "Chronic Town', "Absent any action by the state government, that will put many of them out of business. Luckily for the industry, the legislature last week approved a bill to extend those provisional licenses until 2025. Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to sign the measure into law. But problems remain."

Cannabis legalization more popular than ever despite roadblocks

In his week's 'Chronic Town" Dan Mitchell reports that even though the sentiment for cannabis legalization is more popular than ever, there still remains those who resist the move, and prohibitionists are ready for a long fight.

Box Store Buds

In this week's 'Chronic Town' Dan Mitchell investigates Amazon's perplexing interest in cannabis legalization and the MORE Act. Is Amazon trying to be the 'Amazon of weed'?

Vexing Vapors

In this week's 'Chronic Town', Dan Mitchell points out that current vaping devices on the market are not as safe as some have assessed, and that it’s best to wait for regulation to catch up before committing to them.

Free at Last

In this week's 'Chronic Town' Dan Mitchell looks into Amazon's announcement that it would cease pre-employment drug testing for all positions not covered by federal Department of Transportation regulations, and what that means to drug-testing for employment overall. Some good news may be on the way!

In the Weeds

In this week's 'Chronic Town', Dan Mitchell looks at the hard numbers on weed's social impact, and his findings are "Meh.".

Feel Happy

In this week's Chronic Town, Dan Mitchell shares the good news that cannabis sales actually went up during the pandemic, spreading euphoria during a bleak and dark time in history.

Name Check

In this week's Chronic Town Dan Mitchell delves into the zany and litigious world of cannabis companies stealing from candy makers and confectioners only to pay a heavy price down the road. Taste the lawsuit!

High Jump

Peer-reviewed studies finally bust the ‘lazy-stoner’ stereotype The “stoner” stereotype might be best represented by...

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