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Taxing THC: Federal legalization of cannabis could make costs...

High prices and lack of availability in many areas of the state have resulted in legal pot taking only about a fifth of the total market. The vast majority of weed sold in California is sold illegally, thanks to high taxes, overregulation and home rule, which allows localities to deny licenses to cannabis businesses.

What is the Recall?: How people can vote in...

After five failed attempts to get the Democratic governor removed in a very blue state, Republican organizers, led by retired Yolo County Sheriff Orrin Heatlie, got 1,719,900 valid signatures by July 1. Newsom now needs more than 50% of the vote to stay in office.

It’s Easy to Vote Now in the Recall Election

Alameda County offers multiple options for early voting There’s no need to wait until Sept....

Black Panther Party Site Defaced—Then Cleaned

"According to a spokesperson for the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation, “What this taught us is that the Oakland community is strong, generous and thoughtful. When Fredrika was at the site yesterday, and people stopped and offered their support, it also reinforced that the community work of the Black Panther Party has a very real and tangible legacy in Oakland."

CBD DOA: The Food and Drug Administration declines approving...

"In its statement, the FDA noted that it had in 2018 approved Epidiolex for sale as a prescription pharmaceutical drug for the treatment of certain kinds of seizures. That marked the first time the federal government approved of a cannabis-derived remedy for sale, but it also meant that the regulator couldn’t then approve similar products for sale as dietary supplements."

Just Vote ‘No’: What a recall would mean for...

"The California chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws has issued an emphatic statement: 'It’s unlikely that any possible replacement candidate will be as favorably attentive to cannabis policy as Governor Newsom,' the statement begins. “For that reason, California NORML recommends voting NO on the gubernatorial recall and encourages cannabis supporters to make sure you are registered to vote, and to vote against the recall in the election.'"

Truth to Power: Congresswoman Barbara Lee speaks on her...

Lou Fancher talks with Congresswoman Barbara Lee in this week's feature. "During a 40-minute conversation, Lee focuses almost entirely on people other than herself. Perhaps she’s simply a pro at political 'we-speak,' but her words lend credence to the 'Barbara Lee Speaks for Me' slogan."

People Power: How networking won a vital air pollution...

"Environmental groups have advocated for the regulation for years.," writes Janis Hashe, "But this time, new allies in health and equity organizations joined new voices on the BAAQMD board and committees to change the narrative from “loss of jobs and profit” to ongoing and systemic damage to frontline communities and beyond. The reverberations of this will extend much further than one decision."

No Military Solution: It’s time to get real about...

"Here’s the radically different approach, one that needs to be pursued in Afghanistan," writes Patrick T. Hiller in this week's Perspective. "Take the military option off the table. Demilitarize security and kick the door for peace-building wide open. Don’t fall back into the pattern of trying to address violence with bombs. At the top-level, diplomacy must prevail without the threat of war."

There Is a Problem With California’s Recall. It’s Unconstitutional.

Governor Newsom can receive far more votes than any other candidate but still be...

Dope on the Table: Federal legalization of cannabis would...

"U.S. Rep. Mike Garcia, who represents a mostly rural and suburban area north of Los Angeles, used one such recent bust to make political hay. In an op-ed published by the Fox News website, Garcia included 'dope on the table' photos and characterized the black market as being a problem caused by 'Democrats'—which, in a way, it is, just not in the way he means it." Dan Mitchell explains in this week's 'Chronic Town'.

The United Nations of 14th Street: It may not...

"A few years ago, 14th Street and its immediate proximity didn’t have much variety or versatility in terms of food options. There was a decent deli—since closed—on the corner of Franklin, a McDonald’s on Jackson, the Subway and not much else. Anyone who wanted some pizzazz with their meal had to venture into Chinatown or elsewhere downtown. That’s all changed in recent years." Eric K. Arnold notes the differences in this week's feature.

Poll Backs A’s Housing: Oakland Power Poll respondents also...

"Just three months ago, 62% of respondents agreed with the position that 'the A’s seem to be negotiating in good faith,'" writes Stephen Buel. "Now, in the wake of several fatalistic proclamations from team President Dave Kaval, 59% believe the team needs to “compromise and stop being so unilateral.” More than one in five of our respondents had a change of heart in just a few months."

Not So Fast: Republicans are for and against cannabis

"U.S. Sen. Steve Daines, Republican of Montana, has introduced a bill that would ban people from using federal assistance payments to buy cannabis. He happens to also be the GOP’s lead sponsor of the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act, which would allow banks to do business with cannabis companies without fear of legal liability, since weed is still illegal at the federal level." Dan Mitchell examines this walking contradiction in this week's 'Chronic Town'.

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