MP3 of the Day: Static Thought’s “Drug of My Mind”


Once upon a time, the East Bay was a punk-rock proving ground. Yeah, yeah, yeah … we’ve all heard it before. Tell us something new. How about Berkeley’s Static Thought? The three-piece punk band is more aggressive than the majority of its East Bay predecessors, most closely approximating the sound of early Rancid: fast, aggressive, and angry, with a hint of melody. Everyone from Motorhead to the UK Subs filters into Static Thought, resulting in a raw, driving street-punk sound. Frontman Eric Urbach, just seventeen, wasn’t even born by the time most of those bands were on their way out, but he proves an apt pupil. From modern groups like the Unseen and the Casualities through punk revivalists like NOFX and Rancid, Static Thought claws its way back in time to arrive at the old-school sound that surfaces on its Hellcat Records debut, In the Trenches. Check out album opener “Drug of My Mind” for a taste of that rancid goodness. And yes, it plays Gilman all the time.