Mob Storms BART Board Meeting


Oakland City Councilwoman Desley Brooks was one of several people
who shouted and screamed and generally raised hell over l’affaire Grant at a meeting of the BART board of directors, the Chron reports. The crowd shouted and unfurled a banner with the picture of Oscar Grant, who was fatally shot by BART cop Johannes Mehserle on New Years Day, prompting a storm of protest. Highlight: BART director Joel Keller was so incensed during a face-off with Brooks that he waved pictures of Oakland homicide victims and asked Brooks what she was doing about them. A number of people in the crowd then charged toward Keller, and the cops came rushing in, but Keller told them to “back off,” and later apologized to Brooks. The crowd is seeking the resignations of BART’s general manager and police chief for their conduct in the wake of the shooting.