Marilyn Manson Video: Hella Nasty


News Flash! The new Marilyn Manson video for “Heart-Shaped Glasses” surfaced on the Web this week, and – surprise – it’s pretty gross. No, it’s not Manson’s version of goth-lite that so offends. It’s the extended humping session between Manson, 38, and his new 19-year-old girlfriend, actress Evan Rachel Wood. Full video after the jump.
“Heart-Shaped Glasses” is the first single for Manson’s Eat Me, Drink Me album, slated for release June 5. The video begins with a warning for viewers under 16–making Wood barely age-appropriate to watch it herself. Apparently, the soft-porn “music” video was shot by Titanic director James Cameron in 3-D, but we can’t tell. (The Hollywood director has definitely sank to a new low. Yuck yuck). Manson, who recently separated from his wife Dita Von Teese, seems to be milking every second of his relationship with the young Wood. Earlier, he released this teaser for the video, basically a 34-second make-out session in ketchup. Sexy!

Full video here

Kathleen Richards