Lila Rose Releases a New Music Video for “This Could Be Ha”

A still from the "This Could Be Ha" video.

Oakland singer-songwriter Lila Rose conceived of her recent LP, We.Animals., as a concept album that positions the human experience in the context of the earth’s ecosystems. Rather that analyzing environmental issues from an intellectual point of view, she presents an emotional, urgent reaction to our planet’s ecological crises, which she conveys through her visceral vocals.

“It’s about the interconnectedness of all life and a call to action for the state of emergency that we’re in as the human race, an animal race,” said Rose in a phone interview. 

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[jump] Last week, Rose released the video for one of her album’s singles, “This Could Be Ha.” The climactic track leaves the frayed edges of her throaty voice exposed as she pleads, This could be harder/So go easy on you. The song, she explained, speaks to the need to consider personal struggles in the broader scope of social and environmental issues. 

The singer and her frequent collaborator, Daniel Garcia, shot the video in the Nevada desert, which provided a striking backdrop for the simple, yet evocative narrative the duo developed. Clad in black, Rose journeys through the dramatic landscape barefoot until she meets a mysterious, hooded figure. After a struggle, their encounter results in a symbolic rebirth. “It’s the ego-self that [my character] needs to battle in order for her to rise above her difficulties,” Rose said.

Check out the video below and make sure to catch Rose’s next show at Leo’s (5447 Telegraph Ave., Oakland) with the Seshen on September 29 at 9 p.m.