Letters of the Week: Our Readers Chime in on Last Week’s Issue


“Oh, Another Star Wars Movie,” Movies, 5/30


Did the author even see the movie or just hating? To each their own, but I was pleasantly surprised and had a lot of fun watching it. Star Wars fans sure do love to hate Star Wars.

Maximilian Bartholomew Siekierski I via Facebook

“A New Era for New Style,” Arts Feature, 5/30

For Life!

I have followed Corey from the Rockridge Studio to Broadway and he has been amazing for my boys. They discovered their artistry at New Style and are still with him to this day. “New Style Motherload for life” is what his former and present students say: from Janet Jackson backup dancers to his dance family in Germany, and all in between, we love you, Corey!

Aminah Omar

You Inspire Me

I love you. I danced in your hip-hop class at the YMCA and took a few classes at Alice Art Center. I’m proud of you. You inspire me and built confidence in me as far as dancing. People used to laugh at me. But through your teaching I not only learned what you taught but how to create my own dance moves. I can’t thank you enough.

Tahasha Freeman

“Kenzie Smith Speaks Out,” News, 5/30

Expose Racism

I’m in conflict right now. Do I want this to [cause] more of our new racist Oaklanders to hide because they don’t want to be exposed like this lady? Not so sure about that. Do I want them to continue to show their racist side so they be given the same attention as this lady? Now, if the police will continue to treat them like she was, question her mental stability and acknowledge those of color have not done anything wrong, I’m for it.

If everyone could continue to take pictures of their new racist neighbor who is calling [the police] on you just for being Black, maybe they can be publicized like her.

Michelle Collier via Facebook

“New Ramen Royalty,” Food Review, 5/30

The Best

Hands down my favorite bowl of ramen in the Bay Area.

Christian Cobbs via Facebook

“Lobbying for Cows,” Eco Watch, 5/30

Get Rid of Them

They needed to get rid of these guys before they kicked out the oyster company.

Stuart Steinhardt via Facebook

“OP-ED: We Need Health Care for All, Because It Took a Village,” News, Online Only, 6/1

Concrete Step

A very powerful article about why we need #HealthCareForAll, and a practical concrete step towards achieving a more equitable, healthy and just California. Thank you for your leadership, Bo Chung and Miriam Magaña!

Colin Miller

“The State of California Cannabis Legislation,” Legalization Nation, 5/30


Quote of the day: killing that bill (Republican-sponsored AB 3157) is a big win for the black market.

Francesca Austin


In our May 30 Legalization Nation column, we erroneously stated that 22 states currently have workplace protections for medical cannabis patients. The correct number is 12. Additionally, we erroneously stated that the Department of Justice was opposed to a bill that would have afforded those protections to California workers. Instead, construction trade unions and contractors were opposed to AB 2069.