J. Prince Talks New Book ‘The Art and Science of Respect’

He's on the road with Drake.

Credits: Photo courtesy of J. Prince

From E-40 to Too $hort, Drake’s run at the Oracle Arena this past weekend was heavy on the surprise guests. The one guest you might not have caught on stage, though, is J. Prince, the Houston-based rap titan who’s mentored Drake through everything from his first meeting with Lil Wayne to his recent beef with Pusha T.

Now Prince is hitting the road with Drake to promote his new book, The Art and Science of Respect, which is part memoir, part self-help book, and, according to Prince himself, wholly different from anything that’s been written before. “It’s different because there’s only one of me and of my journey,” he said. “I want to lead by example when I write my story.”

Plus, there’s not a lot of memoirs out there that feature forewords written by Drake.

Prince started writing the memoir in 2014. The journey since then has been bittersweet, studded with both memories success and painful encounters with the past, all of which show up in the gorgeous full-color photographs that fill the book. “My photos are a confirmation of the fun I had and of the distress I had,” said Prince.

Above all, Prince hopes that his book will serve as an inspiration for big dreamers who see themselves in his journey. “When guys are from where I’m from and they see someone they may be inspired by, we don’t normally make it out of the ghetto without a scratch,” he said. “When they look at me, they see a system of respect.”