It’s Worse than Fracking


Josh Fox, the award-winning director of Gasland, one of the most disturbing environmental documentaries ever made, describes another major threat to North America — and the world — that may be even more devastating than fracking: it’s the giant Tar Sands project in Alberta, Canada. To extract fossil fuels trapped in sand, energy companies are destroying a giant swath of pristine Alberta forest that is equivalent to the size of Florida, poisoning groundwater, and unleashing so much CO2 that leading climate scientists say it will make it impossible to slow the course of global warming.

Over the next two weeks, starting tomorrow, environmentalists from around the country will be meeting at the White House for a large sit-in to protest President Obama’s plan to massively increase demand for tar sands fuel by okaying the planned construction of a web of pipelines throughout the United States that will ship the fuel to refineries across the nation.

As Fox says in the below must-see video, it will blow your mind: