Is The Drought Really Over?


Last week, East Bay MUD made headlines went it announced that it was ending its water rationing program because February rains had replenished its water supplies. But is the drought really over, or was the water agency simply short on funds? East Bay MUD, remember, gets the vast majority of its revenues from selling water to its 1.3 million customers. And as the Chron reports today, the agency found that it can’t balance its budget when customers don’t use enough water, which is exactly what happened after the agency introduced its water rationing plan last year. So now that the agency has eliminated water rationing, it’s hoping that East Bay residents and businesses start turning on their spigots so that it can balance its budget. Which raises the question: Did the February rains, which still left us 20 percent below normal for the year, give us enough water, or is East Bay MUD just desperate for cash?