.7 Instagram Engagement Hacks You Should Definitely Follow

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There’s a lot to like about Instagram, especially if you’re into photography and videography. It’s disheartening, though, to spend hours photographing and editing a stunning shot and even more time crafting the ideal message just to have your post buried with minimal Instagram activity without getting an increased engagement on Instagram. Although the Instagram gods are capricious and difficult to please, there is still hope! 

What’s the deal with my poor engagement rate?

On Instagram, there are only so many impressions to go around, and the site has grown increasingly competitive as it strives to keep all of its users interested. 

The first thing you should know is that your engagement is low because Instagram’s algorithm has been altered to prioritize its paying clients. Here are a few more reasons you might not be getting the increased engagement on Instagram you deserve. 

  • When your fans aren’t online, be active.
  • Not strategically employing hashtags.
  • Posting either too much or too little stuff.
  • You’re not interacting with your viewers.
  • Not sharing what your audience wants to see.

How to gain Instagram followers?

Let’s look at some strategies to increase engagement on Instagram now that you know what it is and why it’s essential.

1: Determine when your followers are online and post throughout that time.

As previously stated, when you publish to Instagram, the site will show it to about 10% of your followers who are now online. How many more people on Instagram see your post depends on how much engagement it generates in the first hour. If you want to increase your chances of success, you should publish when your followers are online. Instagram Insights can help you choose the optimum time to publish so that you gain Instagram followers.

2: Make strategic hashtag use

Hashtags are a crucial aspect of your Instagram strategy when it comes to gain Instagram followers since they allow people other than your followers to view your posts. 

The key is to pick hashtags that are specific to your content but not too broad. Hashtags like #love and #beautiful aren’t going to help you grow your Instagram following. Instead, conduct some research and follow the hashtags that others in your niche are using.

3: Don’t use the same hashtags for all of your posts.

You may store your favorite hashtags in the Notes app on your iPhone to make adding them easier. This can save you a lot of time, but it comes with a caveat: if you use the same set of hashtags on every post, Instagram will consider your posts spammy and won’t show them to as many people. 

If this happens, your Instagram engagement will decrease, so make sure you use different hashtags for each post. Of course, some hashtags may be repeated, but for the greatest results, strive for 50 percent of your hashtags to be unique from your prior article.

4: Add a geotag to every related post for more exposure.

Did you know that travelers frequently look for Instagram pictures from certain regions to help them plan their vacations? It’s true! Even if you don’t frequently upload travel-related material on Instagram, geotagging your photos may help them stand out, especially if they feature landscapes, towns, or restaurants.

5: Increase your overall impressions by using Instagram carousels.

Don’t know which photo to share today? To upload a series of photographs, use the Instagram carousel function. While this won’t necessarily increase engagement, it will almost certainly boost your total impressions. It’s a win-win situation since the more people who view your postings, the more likely they are to interact with them. 

When sharing carousels, it’s also a good idea to include a description that describes the photo sequence and invites visitors to swipe through.

6: Use personalization in your captions to foster community.

The most crucial piece of advice for increasing engagement is to be transparent and honest with your audience. Your fans will be far more inclined to connect with your material if they know your narrative. As a bonus, you will develop a supportive community, which is always a good thing. 

Share as if you were speaking with a buddy at your favorite coffee shop, whether you’re sharing humorous anecdotes, personal challenges, or fashion ideas, and answer truthfully to any comments you get.

7. Ask questions in the Stories section.

You’re losing out on a tremendous chance for greater Instagram interaction if you’re not using Stories currently. Yes, Stories are time-consuming, but Instagram provides several features to make them easier and more enjoyable. 

When uploading Stories, keep an eye out for stickers. You may use stickers to ask your viewers questions, quiz them, or poll them. The options are truly unlimited, and once you start creating this type of material, you’ll see how simple (and fun) it is!

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