In Berkeley, the Ideal Thanksgiving Means Plucking Feathers


In grandma’s day, Thanksgiving was all about cranberry sauce with visible can rivets and Butterballs with plastic pop-up timers. In our veggie co-op in college, Thanksgiving meant tempeh-stuffed squash and cannabis-laced millet bake. But a new breed of Cal students and faculty has gone old-school – like, Little House on the Prairie old. The Berkleyan reports that student Misha Bailey’s kinda bummed this year that her parents ordered a precooked Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods. “In twenty years I hope to raise my own turkeys to eat for Thanksgiving,” Bailey says. “That’ll be cool.” Journo prof Michael Pollan sounds a little guilty that he’ll be slicing into an organic bird from Iowa. “It’s not local, true,” he says, “but we can’t be zealots.” Amen. And pass the millet bake.