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Harborside Health Center Back in Federal Court Thursday

HHC operator Stephen DeAngelo speaks at a protest against the forfeiture of Harborside's leased property at 1840 Embarcadero Credits: David Downs

Oakland (and the country) is bleeding from gun violence. Aren’t you stoked that US Attorney Melinda Haag is spending scarce resources fighting a state-legal anti-nausea botanical for cancer patients? We aren’t.

The legal maneuvers continue this week in the US government’s forfeiture case against Harborside Health Center’s dispensary in Oakland, and its second location in San Jose. Representatives from Harborside are scheduled to appear at 10 a.m. Thursday in US District Court, Courtroom D, 450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco.

The court will hear three motions: two from Harborside’s landlords asking the feds to make the club stop selling pot, and one from the City of Oakland asking the feds to stay those motions while it fights the federal government’s forfeiture action.