Frank Thomas is an A (and so is Rajai Davis)

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Gotta move fast if you want to keep up with the Oakland Athletics. Last night the A’s signed Giant reject Rajai Davis who is really fast, then this morning inked giant Blue Jay reject, Frank Thomas, who is not. The Big Hurt is the bigger deal, a possible Hall of Famer back for his second tour of duty with the Green and Gold, available at a popular price since Toronto is picking up the bulk of his salary having tired quickly of his bulk. Davis is in some ways a more unique pick up for the first place A’s, consequently he may not be here long. He doesn’t do anything the A’s outfielders ordinarily do; he runs fast and plays stellar defense, though he shares the necessary lack of power that unites his fellow fielders. It’s a day game today and the A’s hit the road starting Friday, so if you want to see Rajai play I advise you head out to the Coliseum fast. If you’re looking for Thomas, rest assured there’s no hurry.