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The United Nations of 14th Street: It may not...

"A few years ago, 14th Street and its immediate proximity didn’t have much variety or versatility in terms of food options. There was a decent deli—since closed—on the corner of Franklin, a McDonald’s on Jackson, the Subway and not much else. Anyone who wanted some pizzazz with their meal had to venture into Chinatown or elsewhere downtown. That’s all changed in recent years." Eric K. Arnold notes the differences in this week's feature.

A Tasty Hybrid: Piedmont’s Pizzeria Violetta serves up pies...

Jeffery Edalatpour visits Pizzeria Violetta and discovers what makes them so unique. "I tried a slice of the 'Sweet Little Pig' and one of the 'Cali Street Corn Pizza.' Ruppert, who currently cooks at the restaurant every day, puts candied bacon with brown sugar on the “pig” pizza. The sweetness nicely complements the pepperoni, basil and tomato sauce," he writes.

Artfully Authentic: Las Delicias’ Salvadoran-Mexican fusion expands the potential...

Las Delicias serves Mexican food for several reasons. “We know that, especially in California, people love tacos and burritos,” Nelson says. “But we’re serving a Salvadoran-Mexican fusion—the food that we know best—that we can combine with typical Mexican dishes we know people love.”

Wine and Dine: Downtown Wine Merchants make cuisine and...

Jeffrey Edalatpour visits Oakland's Downtown Wine Merchants and speaks with co-owner Susanné Breen about their cuisine and selection of domestic wines. “They have to be from California, Oregon, Washington; some are from New York,” she says.

For the People: Twins Halal House & Bakery is...

Jeffrey Edalatpour visits Oakland's Twins Halal House & Bakery and speaks with chefs Farida and Mohammad Nabizada on making savory traditional foods that are "a wakeup call for a sleepy palate.".

Family Affair: Mother and son join forces to bring...

Jeffrey Edalatpour visits Berkeley's Bartavelle Coffee & Wine Bar, where Suzanne Drexhage oversees the menu and is the administrator, while her son, Sam Sobolewski, runs the front of the house and is in charge of their beverage program. Now in a new location, their admirable and enviable family business continues to thrive and evolve.

Mohammad Abutaha’s uptown restaurant offers traditional foods with special...

Jeffrey Edalatpour visits Uptown's Shawarmaji and sits with Chef Mohammad Abutaha to discuss food, family, his Jordan upbringing, and the innovations he's bringing to traditional foods from his Oakland influences and access.

Suicide Watch

Jeffrey Edalatpour reviews Morgan Neville’s documentary 'Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain' about the complicated and tragic life of a beloved culinary cultural icon. "There’s an angrily drawn, tear-stained question mark blurring every frame of the narrative," he writes. "Why did Bourdain commit suicide in 2018?"

The Clock Is Still Ticking

Jeffrey Edalatpour visits Crockett's Wanda's Restaurant and talks with Chef Clara Yun about the benefits of baking traditional sweets for updated palates in a classic rustic setting.

Home Plate

Jeffrey Edalatpour visits Wawa Thai Food and speaks with Chef Wawa Maneewan about curry bases and her humble, yet noble ambitions as a restaurateur.

Safe Bette’s

Jeffrey Edalatpour waxes poetic about West Berkeley Fourth Street's favorite diner and how it survived during these tumultuous, uncertain, and constantly shifting years.

Behind the Red Door

Food writer Jeffrey Edalatpour talks with Reign Free, owner of Red Door Catering, about her Black Culinary Collective and the challenges and triumphs of being the avant-garde in catering and cuisine.


Jeffrey Edalatpour reviews El Cerrito's PennDel's Bakehouse and, along with a captivating and cozy decor, discovers some of the best lemon squares in the world, albeit with an extremely short shelf-life. Get 'em while they're hot!

Roasted and Raw

Jeffrey Edalatpour welcomes vegan Chef Imani Greer's Roasted and Raw to Oakland's Jack London Square as they discuss the vast differences in access to healthy food choices between "The Town" and the burgeoning tech-hub of his former home, Atlanta, GA.
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