East Bay Mom Fatally Shot While Holding Daughter’s Hand – Hate Crime?


In what relatives believe may be a hate crime, an Afghan mother of six who was wearing traditional Muslim garb was shot to death in broad daylight yesterday on a quiet Fremont street. The victim, Alia Ansari, 39, was holding her three-year-old daughter’s hand when she was murdered at about 2:40 p.m., according to a report in the Argus newspaper. Ansari was walking to pick up her daughters from school, according to both the Argus and the San Francisco Chronicle. The Argus said Ansari’s brother believes the shooting was racially motivated. Ansari was Muslim and usually wore a hijab, or headscarf, two relatives told the Chronicle. “Witnesses told police that a man drove up to Ansari, got out of his car and fired a single shot. He then sped off in a black Toyota Tercel or BMW with a rear spoiler,” according to the Argus.