Dated Emcees Book Release Party

At the New Parish.

Chinaka Hodge. Credits: Scott LaRockwell

In last week’s issue of the Express, I wrote about Dated Emcees, a new book of poetry by celebrated Oakland writer and performer Chinaka Hodge. The book is about love, both of the romantic sort and the kind a fan has for his or her favorite rapper. It’s the weight and the length of a record, and it’s laced with hip-hop references — in everything from mimicking a certain rapper’s cadence to naming poems after songs to explicitly dedicating entire poems to Tupac and Biggie. At the same time, though, they’re written in traditional poetic formats such as sonnets and haikus. But that doesn’t keep Hodge from performing them in her own rap-infused spoken word style. That’s what she’ll be doing on Thursday, June 30 at The New Parish (1743 San Pablo) alongside Chukwudi Hodge, Aleah Bradshaw, Obasi Davis, Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Jennifer Johns, Ryan Nicole. The performance starts at 9 p.m.