Damon Albarn: Gorillaz Fired, Sent to Terry Gilliam


Ear Bud just finished an interview with Gorillaz lead singer Damon Albarn. His announcement regarding the cancellation of Gorillaz is true. He said the platinum-selling cartoon band isn’t dead …

When pressed as to the liklihood of that dream project coming true, Albarn says, “We’re very patient. This last record took me like four and half years to finish. It might take us that long or even longer to do the film. I don’t see us doing it in any other way. It’s work. You can’t finish until you’ve done something which represents all the mad thoughts in your head.”

Ear Bud will have full interviews with Albarn and Clash bassist Paul Simonon Monday morning in our “Last Night” review of the Good, the Bad and the Queen at the Grand Ballroom in SF Sunday. Don’t know who the GBQis? Read our CD review here.

Now, sample some fine video from Austin.

David Downs