Corrections for April 16

Whisper patrons, Aixela performers, Neil Down, and Brian Rogers.


In the March 19 story “Return of the Green Fairy,” we misspelled Whisper patron Aaron Pelachaux’s name.

In our April 9 story “The Feminine Abyss of Aixela,” we misspelled the stage name of Syrai Nahagua Kyoko Iviena Kei Furia.

With regard to our March 26 story about the White Horse Inn, Neil Down identifies as queer and not bisexual.

The April 9, 2008 Full Disclosure, “Oak to Ninth Still in Court,” misstated the year in which the parents of Oakland school board candidate Brian Rogers gave him the property now occupied by his $1.3 million home. It was 1998 — not 2002.