Clif Bar Not Moving to Alameda?


That’s what Alameda blogger Lauren Do, who keeps a close eye on local politics, reports on her Blogging Bayport Alameda. The Berkeley-based energy bar company had planned to relocate to a rehabilitated warehouse at Alameda Landing, as part of a massive redevelopment effort to turn the former Navy base into a mixed use, waterfront, sustainable community. But Do reports that Clif Bar has terminated its relationship with the developer, Catellus, because the project was moving too slowly. Catellus hit a snag last year after it was discovered that the wharf on the waterfront — adjacent to Clif Bar’s building and an integral part of the development — was determined to have corroded pilings and in need of seismic retrofitting. In addition, it was determined that the building adjacent to Clif Bar’s would need to be torn down, rather than rehabilitated in the “sustainable” vision that Clif Bar was hoping for.