It’s in the Air

Kelly Vance reviews a movie about the Bay Area's innovative arts scene, 'Tell Them We Were Here', and sits down the Renee De Guzman, Senior Curator at Oakland Museum of California to hash out if Sadie Barnette's work could be considered Afrofuturism, "for want of a better term.".

Is She the One?

Film critic Kelly Vance covers the cryptic, and surprising, film 'Looking for a Lady with Fangs and a Moustache'. An unexpected treasure about living in the present and how difficult that can be.

Stone Loco

I binge-watched Cheech and Chong so you’ll never have to This is the diary of...

Don’t Sip That Tea

International true-crime miniseries The Serpent follows the trail of a serial killer of...

Empire of Pain

Kelly Vance reviews 'I Am Not Your Negro' director, Raoul Peck's latest documentary on the brutal histories of colonialism and imperialism, 'Exterminate All the Brutes'.

‘The Mauritanian’

Jeffrey Edalatpour reviews the latest movie starring Jodie Foster and Tahar Rahim in the suspense drama set in the morally grey days following 9/11,‘The Mauritanian’.

Slippin’ Bob

Film critic Kelly Vance pulls no punches in his review of Bob Odenkirk's action debut.

Breaking Bad

Jeffrey Edalatpour reviews Nomadland, contender for Best Film and Best Actress at the 2021 Academy Awards.

Moscow Mule

Kelly Vance reviews Benedict Cumberbatch in the international thriller, The Courier

Cabin Fever

Robin Wright's 'Land' loses its way in the woods Land evaporates before our eyes. But before...

Foxtrot Tango Alpha

Anti-war protest doc must-see (FTA). Irish crime pic must-avoid (Pixie). The Vietnam War (1955-75) was...

Up Against It

Democracy struggles in contemporary China (Lost Course). Traveling rough in the Great Depression (Riding...

Seize the Time

Memo to progressive-minded audiences: You might not have heard about Fred Hampton, but J....

The Captain and the Kid

Notes on News of the World: Tom Hanks in a Western, reportedly the first...

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