Blakes on Telegraph Has Closed


After celebrating seventy years as one of the most popular Cal student hangouts, Blakes on Telegraph has closed its doors for good. A message on the music venue’s web site reads, “We are sorry to say, after 70 years, we have closed our doors, thank you to EVERYONE who ever dropped by for some good music or something to eat, we have always appreciated you.” Phone calls to the business went unanswered.

Property management firm Diablo Holdings announced the closure this morning in a press release, stating that the restaurant was unable to pay its bills and defaulted on its lease. Only eight years ago, the establishment was grossing $2 million a year. The release also wasn’t shy about blaming Blakes’ failure on bad management, saying Blakes “was not solely the victim of a difficult economy,” with “not” being the release’s only word emphasized in bold. John Lineweaver, who has owned the Blakes on Telegraph building since 1984, said he attempted to help the restaurant by recently investing $350,000 in building renovations and giving them a 30-percent rent reduction.