Birdland Shut Down — Again

Birdland Jazzista: Fighting the Law, Hoping to Win

Michael Payarano just can’t catch a break from the City of Berkeley, it seems. Just months after retooling his insanely popular barbecue and jazz club to comply with city code, Payarano says he was cited again this morning for amplified noise, sidewalk obstruction, and a handful of other violations. “I think [city officials] are very cantankerous with me right now,” he said. He was told cops will show up to tonight’s shows — scheduled to start at 6 p.m. and feature, in order, Sheilani Alix Na Kayo, Little Brown Brother and Adobo with Rice
John Calloway Tumbong Tumbao, Jonathan Bautista Trio, and Jonah Levine Hot Five — but Payarano says show will go on, unamplified and for at least one more night. “My friends said I should cancel it, and I was like what for?” Payarano said. He’s calling it an “acoustic whisper jazz” show; guests are advised to bring their own food because Payarano won’t be barbecuing . Beyond that, Payarano’s not sure what Birdland’s fate will be — “so come, since it could be the last performance at Birdland.”

  • Birdland Jazzista: Fighting the Law, Hoping to Win