‘Big Oil’ Whistleblower John Bolenbaugh at East Bay Media Center

John Bolenbaugh. Credits: Photo Courtesy of John Bolenbaugh's Facebook

In the summer of 2010, John Bolenbaugh found an enormous amount of oil in his home state of Michigan, from the Kalamazoo Oil Spill. He began video-recording the slow-going cleanup of one of the worst inland oil spills in American history. As a consequence of this environmental activism, the Navy veteran was harassed by Enbridge, the Canadian oil company that caused the spill. Bolenbaugh’s efforts to hold Enbridge accountable paid off, but his work was just beginning. On Monday, February 20, Bolenbaugh will come to the East Bay to give a talk about his experience fighting a multibillion-dollar oil company at the East Bay Media Center in downtown Berkeley. The talk will be moderated by Dr. Maria Michael, a Lakota/Dine (Navajo) Traditional Elder, who met Bolenbaugh at Standing Rock, where he was protesting Enbridge’s investment in the Dakota Access Pipeline. Following this talk, he will also share his own mini-documentary, made using the video recordings he took every day in the Michigan wilderness to make sure Big Oil will be held accountable for its misdeeds.