Best Of Goods & Services

Best Ethnic Gift Boutique

The exterior is pure funk warehouse, down the street from Fantasy Records, where the...

Best Grocery Store

For variety, you just can't beat an Asian supermarket, and 99 Ranch is about...

Best Mens Clothing Store

A manly man looks rugged and ready to roll even when he's not. With...

Best Wine Shop

Face it folks, there's more good wine on the shelves at your standard East...

Best Car Repair

If life were fair, Nissan would have made a lot more money. Its cars...

Best Place to Replace Your Useless Trunk Lock

If you have one of those cars whose trunk can be opened with a...

Best Womens Clothing Store

It's all very well and good to shun chain stores -- we do it...

Best Video Rental

When you first walk in, you're not faced with a boring wall of the...

Best Independent Bookstore

The bookstore is nice and small and people look up at you when you...

Best Produce Store

Kneel before the mountains of melons. Witness the profusion of peaches. If a fruit's...

Best Hidden Treasure Trove

If you stumbled into the Rosebud Gallery on Solano Avenue and caught the owner...

Best Place to Buy Martial Arts Gear

When you walk in and ask the man behind the counter for a karate...

Best “Pre-owned” Clothing Store

In case you haven't noticed, most store windows are filled with positively dreary clothes...

Best Place to Buy TrinketsDo you need

Best Place to Buy TrinketsDo you need -- absolutely need, right now -- a...
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