Best Under-21 Hangout

924 Gilman Street


For the music lover, there is nothing crappier than being under 21 years old. Most places hosting shows on the weekend serve beer or booze, consequentially locking out a whole demographic of kids. That’s what makes places like 924 Gilman awesome. Sure, if you don’t like loud raw music or don’t like to breathe sweat and swirl around in the mosh pit cyclone that often accompanies shows, it may not be for you. But what the 25-year-old nonprofit offers to punk lovers and rockers coming to enjoy the show is three simple rules: no alcohol, no drugs, and no violence. Gilman has hosted some of the biggest and baddest artists in the punk scene over the years, including Operation Ivy, Dropkick Murphys, and Bad Religion, and Gilman offers this safe space and onslaught of music to a generally neglected and hungry youth. Oh, and for you over-21ers who want to enjoy a drink as well, just head over to the nearby Pyramid Brewery beforehand to quench your thirst.