Best Thai/Burmese

Burma Superstar


San Francisco’s popular and crowded Burma Superstar has now opened two
East Bay locations, and they’ve proven to be well worth the wait.
Formerly called Bagan, the Alameda location features all the
deliciousness of its West Bay sibling without the long wait for a
table, and a third Burma Superstar just opened up in Oakland’s Temescal
neighborhood this April. Burma, or Myanmar, is bordered by India,
China, and Thailand, and the cuisine is reminiscent of each. Particular
favorites include the highly addictive tea leaf salad featuring tea
leaves, lettuce, tomatoes, optional dried shrimp, fried garlic, sesame
seeds, peanuts, and yellow split peas mixed at your table; the
vegetarian samusa soup (yes, like Indian samosas); the
delectable pumpkin pork stew, preferably over coconut rice; or garlic
noodles with duck, pork, or tofu. But really, it’s hard to go wrong, so
you might want to go with a group, order a wide selection, and try