Best Tennis Pro

Carlton Jones


His banner flies on tennis courts around town, but when it comes to landing on the right side of the court, Carlton Jones is a teacher worth finding. The tall, lean instructor looks the part of a tennis pro, and handles classes ranging from solos to ensembles. He teaches technique as well as etiquette. (You pick up your own loose balls here, mister.) After a few lessons, you’ll be able to break any bad habits you taught yourself, and pick up a few new skills that will serve you well no matter where you are serving. One of the wonderful things that Carlton does is use his paying students to subsidize his work teaching tennis to young people who don’t have the means to pay for a private tutorial. It’s no surprise to run into an alum of the Jones method when looking for a pickup game on the weekend. Carlton encourages his students to make play dates with one another, matching players of equal abilities to further each other’s game. The best part of that is seeing how far you’ve come — or looking across the net to see how good you could be.