Best Take-Out

Three Stone Hearth


Breaking news: A mid-week take-out meal doesn’t have to be slapdash. Cooperative kitchen Three Stone Hearth in Berkeley proves it with über-nutritious, traditionally cooked dishes made from ingredients like bone broths, pastured meats, organic vegetables, and whole grains: Think Indian fritters with ginger, coconut, and fennel; chicken-and-rice congee; cultured peach chutney; pesto with chard, spinach, and pepitas; and apricot-blueberry crumble. There are always vegetarian and gluten-free options, and as well as home-cooked offerings Three Stone Hearth sells food produced by local small-scale or artisan businesses such as Grindstone Bakery bread, Point Reyes blue cheese, and Green Pasture cod liver and butter oil. Not only is the food soul-satisfying, the business model is pretty cool, too — five worker/owners started the enterprise in 2006. New menus go up on the website every Monday; you can pick up your order Wednesdays and Thursdays at the kitchen, or make delivery arrangements. With Three Stone Hearth in the ‘hood, who needs to cook?