Best Rapping Astrologist

Kool A.D.


Rapper and astrological sage Kool A.D. does not pussyfoot around with his monthly horoscope on For all of you Leos out there in June, he writes, ‘”Politics is war without bloodshed — and war is a continuation of politics, with bloodshed.’ That’s Bobby Seale. Get his cookbook, the ribs go hard.” The self-described “Alameda calico,” born Victor Vasquez, raps like that, too, exploding the false dichotomy between silly and serious. Other times, in rap as in horoscopes, Kool A.D. is a churlish obscurantist. Here’s June for Geminis: “ROLEX. GUCCI. REAL TRAP SHIT. LIFE AND TIME.” The latter phrase is a song title of his, from 2014’s Word O.K., in which he memorably raps about 3D printing a biscuit after holding up some Church’s chicken with a biscuit before robbing the police chief in Richmond. He’s also self-referential: Vasquez is a Scorpio. The June edict for his own sign goes, “Read Seize the Time by Bobby Seale. Then when ur done doing that, seize the time.”