Best Nonprofit Working to End Plastic Pollution

Story of Stuff


More than a decade ago, The Story of Stuff created a video that peeled back the curtain on the enormous social and environmental impacts of our consumptive culture. More than 5 million views later, that viral explainer video turned into a Berkeley-based nonprofit and a strong voice against pollution — particularly related to plastic. Its campaigns against single-use plastic bags, microfibers from clothing, and microplastics from personal care products have led to real change, including a ban on plastic microbeads in beauty and health products in the U.S. (The U.K. recently followed suit.) The nonprofit has also gone after Nestlé for its efforts to bottle public water. Using engaging storytelling and clear, unequivocal language about the scope of these problems, as well as laying out clear steps toward structural solutions, Story of Stuff makes these modern environmental challenges feel both urgent and solvable.