.Best Medical Cannabis Delivery Service

Hills Farmacy

Who among us foments the drug war’s end among people rich enough to purchase peace wholesale? Hills Farmacy. Since February, the East Bay nonprofit medical marijuana collective has served some of the most rare, most expertly grown medicinal cannabis to places like Walnut Creek, Moraga, and Piedmont, as well as Oakland and Berkeley. Appropriately based in the tony East Bay hills, Hills has some cojones, retailing eighth-ounces for $80 a bag. That’s almost double medical market prices. But when High Times tallied the judges’ scores for highest CBD and best edible categories in the 2012 Bay Area Cannabis Cup this past June, Hills Farmacy took home two coveted, prestigious trophies: one for its MCU ATF Bubble Hash, very high in the anti-inflammatory cannabidiol, and another for its Eleve gourmet truffles. Cannabis this classy doesn’t come cheap.


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