Best Live-Your-Life-to-the-Fullest Coach

Tiffany Moore


What with the world ending in December (according to the ancient Mayans), there’s no more time to procrastinate with that big project you’ve been dreaming about for so long — the new novel, the new business, the new career. Who better to help than life coach Tiffany Moore, a self-proclaimed “lover, dreamer, and imaginator” whose “favorite color is polka dots”? It’s not therapy Moore offers, or even consulting (she won’t be telling you what to do) but rather the collaborative oomph you need to spark that creative flame. Moore’s basic package is $300 per month for a minimum four-month commitment; it gets you a dozen 45-minute sessions. But she also offers a turbo pack for those who need a kick-start: $250 for one 90-minute session and 30-minute follow-up. As one of Moore’s clients said, “Tiffany’s coaching isn’t so much about fitting more into life, but rather getting more out of it.”