Best Lengua Nachos

Aquililla Taqueria


The Emeryville Public Market is a dangerous mashup of hidden gems and
second-rate fast food. Navigating it can be difficult, but you won’t go
wrong if you remember one rule: Follow your tongue. In this case,
follow the tongue. Usually consigned to taco carts and a select
few taquerias, lengua (beef tongue) is the star of the Public
Market. Slow cooked, the meat is extremely tender and deliciously
fatty. It’s the perfect complement to the no-nonsense nachos served
here. A strong, but not overpowering, flavor, the tongue can hold its
own against the spicy guacamole, crisp onions, and handfuls of
cilantro. Lengua pairs well with the sloppy beans and fluffy
rice while the melt-in-your-mouth feeling melds with the dollops of
sour cream and grated and melted cheeses. Sure, the lengua is
the star of the show, but we’d be remiss if we left out the supporting
cast: strong, solid, salty chips that are up the task of holding up all
the toppings without cracking under the pressure. Under $10, the
towering nachos are enough to share, and, hey, if people are turned off
by the taste buds staring back at them, don’t give them a stern
tongue-lashing — it just leaves more nachos for you.