Best Korean Restaurant for Adventurous Eaters

Kang Tong Degi


If you spend much time dining at any of the excellent Korean restaurants in Oakland’s “Kimchi Row,” chances are you’ve eaten your share of barbecued meats and rice bowls and tofu stews. At Kang Tong Degi, perhaps the East Bay’s most hidden-away soju bang (Korean pub), you can get good versions of all the standards. But you can also feast on sautéed chicken gizzards dipped in an addictive salt-and-sesame-oil slurry. You can order a big pot of budae jjigae (or “army stew”), the most soul-warming pot of soup you’ll ever consume that counts Spam, sliced hot dogs, and instant ramen noodles among its ingredients. Most thrilling (or daunting) of all, you can cross chrysalis soup off of your Bizarre Foods to-do list. And if the spicy (and rather foul-smelling) broth filled with silkworm pupae leaves a bad taste in your mouth? There’s always cold OB beer or a soju cocktail to wash it down.