Best Ice Cream from a Big Producer

Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream


Dreyer’s has won awards as the best big ice cream producer, but it’s much more than that; in enjoyment it’s very similar to Humboldt Creamery, Arden, and Julie’s Organic Ice Cream. The big difference is that its price is about half of those. It is creamy, smooth, and has all the other qualities of premium ice cream. While Dreyer’s is available in the low-fat Slow Churned line, it’s the fast-lane Grand that makes it the best ice cream deal around. It began eons ago in Oakland, in the early part of the last century, first as a frozen-dessert maker then as an ice cream maker in partnership with Edy’s. It underwent management and ownership changes and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Nestlé. Among its stellar contributions was the development of the Rocky Road flavor by founder William Edy in 1928. It got America through the Great Depression. Now it can prevent you from being depressed.