.Best Hallucinogen Posing as Dessert

On The Rise Fudge

Local bakers report that East Bay medical marijuana patients have some of the country’s highest tolerances for medical edibles. Consequently, the prize for best medical cannabis edible goes to mysterious company On the Rise and its fresh approach to that old staple — pot brownies. Available at licensed dispensaries like Harborside Health Center, Purple Heart Patient Center, and Berkeley Patients Group, On the Rise delivers a delicious, fiendishly strong line of fudge and gingerbread in a white, nondescript package. A three-to-six-dose On the Rise “9X” fudge chunk retails for $10, and includes 2.5 grams of cannabis. The four-to-eight-dose hunk costs $14 and contains 3.75 grams of pot — equivalent to an eighth ounce. Its $20 “bulk” fudge brick contains an unholy 7.5 grams of chronic. Danger, Will Robinson, danger! Salespeople warn all patients to go slow. Edibles can be great for relaxation or insomnia, but their effects take longer to appear and last for up to eight hours. Effects can also be more variable and significantly stronger than smoking weed. Still, operators across the East Bay report On the Rise flying off the shelves.


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