Best Do-It-Yourself Theater: Way to bridge your gaps



As dancers and ministers, Cynthia Winton-Henry and her colleague Phil Porter believe that the words “body,” “mind,” and “spirit” make artificial distinctions between experiences that are fundamentally physical. Over the past 22 years, they’ve developed InterPlay, a technique and a set of principles that use movement, stillness, vocalization, and spoken word to help participants create improvisational art that bridges the gaps between the physical, intellectual, and spiritual. Under the banner of their nonprofit, BodyWisdom, they offer classes in InterPlay practice, which often result in performances by the class participants, as well as performances by WING IT!, a professional ensemble that uses InterPlay technique. Anyone who would like to experience InterPlay can choose from a range of experiences that include one-day workshops, four-week courses, or intensive retreats. And you can attend one of InterPlay’s WING IT! performances to witness the process and technique firsthand before diving in.