Best Comics Imprint

Image Comics


In case y’all didn’t notice, comics grew up, and American comic book publisher Image Comics of Berkeley helped them through puberty. Spawn, Wanted, and The Walking Dead are just a few of the landmark titles from the imprint, founded in 1992 by a disgruntled band of high-profile illustrators dedicated to controlling their own copyrights, and now among the four largest publishers in the states alongside DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse. Its mature content brings the visuals of film without the baggage of Hollywood’s art-by-committee. Spawn resonates to this day. Angelina Jolie’s lackluster film adaptation of assassin comic Wanted only served to amplify the quality of the originals. Meanwhile, The Walking Dead is becoming its own TV show. And the capper, the announcement of Ziggy Marley’s new book, MARIJUANAMAN, which will hit store shelves April 20, 2011. Ziggy’s even at Comic-Con International with Image on Saturday, July 24, with artist Jim Mahfood (Clerks, Mixed Tapes) and co-writer Joe Casey (God Land, Officer Downe).